Life as an alum, ten years on: a talk with Lizbeth Álvarez

We chat with Lizbeth Álvarez about her experience at IE University a decade ago—and what she’s been up to since then.

Facebook’s latest AI project: Understanding user videos

Today, we discuss Facebook’s new goal: to use AI to understand the content of user videos to improve UX and flag inappropriate content.

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Co-director of the Master in Digital Marketing & Coca-Cola exec Esther Morillas explains the power of the program

The Master in Digital Marketing is led by an exec from Coca-Cola. She talked with us about why the program stands out from the rest.


The shift to employee experience is here to stay

Those companies who were first to embrace employee experience are the same companies that are most sought after by today’s talent.


Looking back on a year of the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Luca Fiume, student and soon-to-be alum in the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data, reflects on a year in this challenging program.


How IE Talent & Careers is helping you find a job

Explore all the ways IE Talent & Careers is helping students reach their career goals through special events and initiatives.


What are leaders doing to help their companies thrive in the C19 environment?

Coach and facilitator Will Stonier gives expert insight on how to be a better and more empathetic leader in the C19 environment.


How to extract financial trading advice using sentiment analysis… on a subreddit

Big data student Michelle Michalowski teams up with her fellow students to create a sentiment analysis tool that can give financial trading advice using a subreddit.


How HST fosters every student’s entrepreneurial mindset—and why

From access to the Venture Lab to on-campus clubs and connections through professor networks, let’s look into how HST sharpens students’ entrepreneurial mindset, helping them blaze their own trail in the “new normal.”


What’s all the commotion about NFTs?

NFTs have exploded in the past few months. But what are they and what value do they have?

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Life as an alum, ten years on: a talk with Lizbeth Álvarez

We chat with Lizbeth Álvarez about her experience at IE University a decade ago—and what she’s been up to since then.


Meet the mentor: Snigdha Sharma on not taking yourself too seriously

HST alumni and current mentor Snigdha Sharma talks mentorship, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and not taking yourself too seriously.


Facebook’s latest AI project: Understanding user videos

Today, we discuss Facebook’s new goal: to use AI to understand the content of user videos to improve UX and flag inappropriate content.


Meet the mentor: Ricardo Velez on learning to unlearn and relearn

Ricardo Velez is an engineer, entrepreneur, and future teacher. He’s also a mentor in the HST Mentor Program. Learn why he decided to join.


Laura McDermott on founding the HST Mentor Program & making lasting connections

HST Mentor Program founder Laura McDermott tells us about the process of getting the program off the ground, and what she’s learned along the way.


The case for emotional intelligence (EQ) in leadership

Professor Julian Saipe delves into the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership positions—no matter the company or sector.


Why personal branding is important for every student—and how to build one

Learn the ins and outs of building your personal branding, and why it matters.


Erika Dias on the HST Mentor Program & the perks of unorthodox learning

Why get involved in the Mentor Program? We talk to Erika Dias, HST alum and current mentor, to discover what she loves about the program.


How to keep growing when the world stops

Empower yourself, discover new passions, and always have a Plan B. These are a few tips Minu Nair gives us to keep growing when the world stops.


AI-generated marketing: through the looking-glass

AI-generated marketing has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses. But not everyone’s a winner in this game.


Exciting startups to keep an eye on in 2021

We take a look at some of the most exciting startups to watch this year, from fintech solutions to robo kitchens.


Digital media students explore the ethics of AI deepfakes [VIDEO]

HST digital media students created a thought-provoking video about the ethics of AI deepfakes and manufacturing diversity.


Which HR priorities survived the pandemic, and which ones fell to the wayside? HST professors weigh in

Which HR priorities outlasted the pandemic? We ask HST professors to weigh in on what’s still important in human resources, and what’s not.


How the Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication prepared me for a job in corporate comms

HST alumni Lucía Díez de los Ríos tells us all the ways the Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication made her the perfect candidate for her role at a major media group.


How Garret Kilmer went from studying HR at HST to teaching it—and landing a job at L’Oreal

Garret Kilmer went from studying HR at HST to teaching it—and landing a top role at L’Oreal—all within a couple years. Learn his story!

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Meet the team: Jeff Thomson interviewed by Jeff Thomson

Jeff Thomson, student in the Master in Talent Development & Human Resources and Talent + Leadership lead for Rewire Mag, interviews himself.


Which economies made the most digital progress in 2020?

Which countries made the most digital progress in 2020, despite the pandemic? We look at the winners and losers of digitalization last year.


Raine Lester on how being an expat in Shanghai sparked her passion for MarCom

Learn about Raine Lester, our Marketing + Communications Editor for Rewire Mag this 2020-2021 academic year.

liquid learning

HR students get honest about Liquid Learning

Liquid Learning has revolutionized the way we teach and learn. But how are students finding it? HR students tell all in today’s piece.


Where are the jobs in marketing? Insights from a Talent & Careers insider

We spoke to a MarComs professional from IE Talent & Careers to gain insights about jobs in marketing in 2021.


Meet the team: Vaishnavie Srinivasan, Art Director & graphic design pro

Vaishnavie Srinivasan was looking for the «perfect course» in graphic design—and she found it. Hear from this Master in Visual and Digital Media student about her experience.


“Practical and innovative”: the Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication according to an expert

We spoke with Cristina Vicedo, Academic Director of the Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication at HST, to get the scoop about the program.

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Meet the team: Luca Fiume, surfer, student, & Data + Tech lead for Rewire Mag

Luca Fiume is a student in the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data at HST. He’s also a surfer, skier, and lover of all things IT. Learn about his story and how he wound up Data + Tech Editor for Rewire Mag.

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Meet the team: Lizbeth Hernandez, Talent + Leadership Editor and Human Resources student

Lizbeth Hernandez, Talent + Leadership Editor for Rewire Mag and Human Resources student at HST, tells us a bit about herself.


Metta Space: Using machine learning to tackle sexual harassment in organizations

Learn about Metta Space, an app created by HST alumni Eleanor Manley and Helena Oettingen that fights sexual harassment in the workplace.


HST teams up with Microsoft Learn to take tech education to the next level

HST has finalized a collaboration with Microsoft Learn in order to offer students an elite tech education.


Meet the team: Matias Dumas, MarComs lead for Rewire Mag

Matias Dumas, visual media student and MarComs lead for Rewire Mag, tells us his story.


Reimagining the Indian education system for the 21st century

Innovative reforms to the Indian education system could strengthen the talent and prospects of the country’s next generation.

Meet the team: Michelle Michalowski, Data & Tech Editor

Michelle Michalowski tells us a bit about herself and what led her to study big data at HST. She is the Data & Tech Editor for Rewire Mag.


The student becomes the master: former HST mentee Dimitris Spyrou on being a mentor

Former HST mentee and alum Dimitris Spyrou tells us about what it’s like to be a mentor in the same program, and the challenges it brings.


Why lawyers have to re-engineer themselves: digital transformation & law firms

If lawyers wish to stay employable, they need to know about digital transformation—and all its consequences.


HST students prepare to snag Amazon certifications with AWS Academy

HST students can now prepare for various Amazon certifications, thanks to HST’s agreement with AWS Academy.

MCXI Mentor 2019-20

The creation of the HST Mentor Program

Laura McDermott, founder of the HST Mentorship program, describes how a simple idea became a program that helps students grow through mentorship. 

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Multiplying happiness in the workplace by focusing on the power of personal strengths

Research shows people are happier and more productive when employers focus on their strengths


Millennials, internships and the creative industries

Millennials graduating in 2020 are now faced with securing well-paid jobs amidst the pandemic. However, there are more opportunities than ever to enter the creative field if they put their minds to it.


Master of Visual & Digital Media final projects: Analyzing marketing during Coronavirus

How seven MVDM teams put used their skills during the uncertainty of the pandemic to help NGOs thrive through marketing.


Women in entrepreneurship: humility, flexibility and empathy to achieve equality

The perspective of one female from IE Business School’s Master in Finance


A year in review: My experience in the Master in Digital Marketing at HST

Learn about Kristina’s experience in the Master in Digital Marketing and where it’s taking her next.


IE University hosts its first annual Black Summit

IE University recently held its first-ever Black Summit amidst global demands for justice and equality for people of color.

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This startup decodes coffee bean DNA to create sustainability

The World’s Originals is a coffee startup whose brand values are helping create social impact in an outdated industry

Portada Data Science

How data science is helping fight Covid-19

Co-founder & Data Scientist at, Carlos Bort presents an analysis that created actionable insights to fight Covid-19.

Portada Data Democracy

Data democracy during the pandemic and beyond

HST Senior Director of Data Science & Technology, Fernando Mateo, discusses data democracy with IE Law School professor, Sonsoles Arias.


TechIE 2020 goes digital

Cybersecurity student and Rewire contributor Rob Maxey writes about this year’s annual TechIE conference, which took place virtually.


Interview: What it’s like to be a Salesforce marketing automation consultant

Rewire Area Editor Shameek Aswani had the chance to talk to a Salesforce marketing automation consultant for MRM/McCann. Here’s what he uncovered.


The past, present, & future of parenthood in business

Today we explore the perception of biological mothers and cultural fathers—and what to expect from the future of parenthood in business.


Everything you need to know about the upcoming LGBT+@Work conference

This July 1st and 2nd, the IE Out & Allies Club is hosting the LGBT+@Work conference. We chatted with the co-organizer to get the inside scoop about this unmissable virtual event.


Student spotlight: Daniela Yepes & her healthy granola startup, Amande

Daniela Yepes is a Colombian student in the Master in Digital Marketing. She’s also a successful business owner. Learn how she turned her passion for healthy granola into profit.


How the 5G network will upend the marketing world

If the jump from 3G to 4G is any indication, it’s clear that 5G is going to make wireless connections faster than ever. But how will it affect the marketing world?


Introspection, self-awareness, & other soft skills: The new leadership toolbox

More and more organizations are realizing that what separates a good and a great leader are emotional skills. Learn the key tools in the modern leadership toolbox.


How AI can spot cheating without breaching student privacy

A group of HST students created their own AI solution to spot cheating online after feeling like popular commercial solutions were too “Big Brother.” 


How social networks sparked the demand for democracy in the Dominican Republic

In February, Dominicans reached their tipping point in their fight against government corruption. Using social networks, they made themselves heard.

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Moving past tick-the-box diversity: The importance of true inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership is the key to successful teams. But inclusivity and allyship goes far beyond diversity quotas and stats. 


Design thinking, agile methodologies, & lean startups: A talk with Professor Manuel López Martín de Blas

We sat down with HST professor Manuel López Martín de Blas to talk agile methodologies, design thinking, and lean startups.


Human centricity: A golden nugget in times of crisis

In recent years, more and more companies have realized the importance of human centricity for driving performance. For the rest, COVID-19 was a wakeup call.

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How I used a school project to smash mental health taboos

Visual and digital media student Mohamed Bsat used a school project to knock down taboos surrounding mental health. Including his own.


What goes on inside the UX labs of large innovative companies?

Most big, innovative companies are now investing in high-tech UX labs. But what actually happens in them? 3 HST students give us the scoop.


The untapped potential of quantum computing

The emerging field of quantum computing could upend countless industries and entirely change how the world functions—and sooner than you think.

Dating apps’ darkest secret: their algorithm

Dating apps have exploded in popularity in recent years. But few of us question how they decide which profiles to show us. Learn how the algorithm works—and how it doesn’t.


Alumni spotlight: Rebecca Taylor, using her comms degree to promote renewable energy

Meet Rebecca Taylor, HST alum and program manager at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. Get to know a bit about her experience at HST, how she put her master to good use, and some of her best life tips.

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How brands are getting creative to encourage social distancing

With more than a third of the world practicing social distancing, brands have come up with creative ways to reach their audiences.


Social media will never be the same… and that might be a good thing

As we face COVID-19 and the reality of the stay-at-home economy, we can all agree on the heavier presence influencers have established over the past weeks on social media. But is this a good thing?

leader meeting

Agile leadership in times of crisis

Now more than ever, agile leadership emerges as an essential quality in companies, organizations, and governments. But how does one become agile?


A digital care package for creative minds during social isolation

HST professor and Managing Partner of Emzingo, Pablo Esteves, shares a curated care package of content for creatives to make the best of COVID-19 social isolation.


20 costly mistakes you might be making in your job search

Every detail counts when it comes to the job search. Check out the most common mistakes and how to avoid them—from the job hunt to the interview.

cyber criminal

Where we see a global crisis, cyber criminals see dollar signs

Cyber criminals are using the global pandemic as an opportunity to scam more than ever. Learn how to protect yourself from phishing, malware, and more.


Building personas may not be as useful as you’d think—if it’s not done carefully

Building personas to tell a story helps us understand reality from a customer’s perspective. Yet sometimes, theory and practice clash.

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What’s the deal with self-driving cars? Demystifying the slow-burning tech

We’ve been hearing talk of self-driving cars for years. So why aren’t they on the market? This piece gives us the rundown on how AVs are made, how their safety is measured, and when to expect their mass arrival.

corona painting

Bachelor students recreate classic paintings—quarantine style

While the current situation weighs heavy on the global population, sometimes what’s most needed is a bit of lightheartedness. This was the idea behind the latest project in the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media.


Self-awareness: How to be responsive rather than reactive

As part of Happiness Week at IE University, the talk and playshop ‘How not to be an asshole’ was organized, covering topics like self-awareness and active listening.

be the leader

How businesses can discourage groupthink culture in favor of open expression

Groupthink culture seems to be a workplace issue that just can’t be beat. Here are some tips on how modern leaders can encourage open expression.


Faculty spotlight: Federica Ilaria Fornaciari, from consultant to marketing expert & professor

Federica Ilaria Fornaciari is a digital strategy director at Havas Media Group España and an adjunct professor at HST. We sat down with her to discuss her career shift from consulting into communications and the transition from IE University student to professor.

forever alone

4 digital marketing students tell us about their experience transitioning to online classes

Discover how four HST students are finding the transition to online classes—and how they’re staying focused.


The lifecycle of chocolate, from cacao beans to candy bars

Do you know where your chocolate comes from? In this article, we take a look at how cacao beans are produced—and the ethical concerns that come with it.


Heart in the age of automation: AI and ethics

What does it mean to be “good”? If you think back to when you were a child, chances are this was made clear in school or by your parents. It was probably simple: turning in your homework, playing nice with friends, sharing with your siblings… Most humans can agree on the basic tenets of morality […]


10 tips to study remotely like a pro—during COVID-19 and always

HST student and Rewire Mag editor Eddie Carrillo lists his top ten tips to successfully study remotely, especially at a time when you can’t leave your house.

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Vodafone Challenge, part 2: Tailor-made solution to reduce plastic use

Discover students’ experience with the Vodafone Challenge, in which they had to come up with a novel solution to a social problem. Dual Degree student Caio Marques gives us the scoop.


Student spotlight: Minu Nair on being a mother, student, and woman in leadership

HST student Minu Nair tells us about her journey to studying at HST and what it’s like to study while being a mother and a woman in leadership.

modern tourism

The dangers of modern tourism and how to avoid them

The travel industry is booming. But is modern tourism sustainable? Discover how to travel in an ethical and sustainable way.


Amidst regulation, is influencer marketing still worth it?

We’re told that influencer marketing is a gold mine for engagement. But with recent changes to policies that mandate disclosure for paid social media posts, they may be becoming less powerful…


Beyond bitcoin: What all can we use blockchain for?

Blockchain has quickly become the talk of the town—and understandably, that talk typically revolves around bitcoin and other popular types of cryptocurrency. But we can actually use blockchain to solve problems across loads of industries, far beyond finance.

rob knook interview

Alumni spotlight: Rob Knook, civil engineer turned visual engineer

We spoke with Rob Knook, IE alum and visual engineer. He transitioned from building physical bridges to building figurative ones—connecting customers with solutions through storytelling. He believes that “bridges connect people, but communication moves people.”


The top 5 soft skills companies need most in 2020

We hear a lot of talk about «soft skills.» But which are the most important to recruiters?


Top 10 tips to improve your SEO in 2020

Interested in ranking first on Google without having to pay a single penny? Don’t break a sweat. Let SEO do the work.


Vodafone Challenge, part I: How to change the world in 5 weeks

Bachelor students at IE University got the chance to change the world in a major way this spring in the hands-on Vodafone Challenge.


Why companies should start paying closer attention to their employee experience

People should be at the center of every company’s growth and innovation strategy. Period.


How to use tech to disconnect

24-hour access to information around the globe at the touch of a finger is pure power. But power can be dangerous.

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#SendNudes, save the world

Social media has enabled people to quickly grow large audiences when in need or for their benefit. Think: social-media-fueled GoFundMe campaigns as lifeline health insurance in the US or musicians being discovered on YouTube. But the implications of online society are more than financial—has social media challenged us to expand our innate points of view? Can technology make us more empathetic and open-minded?

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How emotional intelligence makes you a better employee

People with average IQ consistently outperform those with high IQ at work. How can this be possible? It all boils down to what researchers call “emotional intelligence.”


Web Summit: Where tech minds across the globe set the pace for 2020’s business world

Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference, takes place over the course of four days in Lisbon, Portugal. An HST student got to go there, presenting her startup, FOLO. Here’s what happened.


How our physical and mental health are interconnected—and how to take care of both

It’s clear that our physical and mental health are linked, but to what extent? In this article we discuss holistic health and how to stay healthy—even when it seems impossible.


#COP25: We must leave our comfort zones—or there will be no comfort zones left

Greta Thunberg is teaching the world how to step outside of our comfort zones to make the world a more habitable place for our children and grandchildren. She came to speak about this at #COP25 in Madrid, and I got to see it firsthand. Here’s what happened.


Goodbye Bitcoin, hello Libra: the scoop on Facebook’s new cryptocurrency

Libra, the new cryptocurrency backed by Facebook, is sure to make a splash in 2020. Get the scoop in this article.


Living in the future: An interview with Professor Enrique Dans

In his new book ‘Viviendo en el Futuro,’ Professor Enrique Dans helps us reflect on the present day through the lens of the future. We sat down with him to get some firsthand insights.


4 top challenges to digital transformation

Change doesn’t come easy. We may all acknowledge that it’s a part of life, but that doesn’t mean many of us don’t see it as a lion-sized threat that activates our fight-or-flight response.


How 5 students will use their Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication to change the world

We sat down with some students in the Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication to see how they envision the future—and how they hope to change it.


Art as an agent of change

At a recent panel discussion on IE’s campus in Madrid, three art experts discussed how art can change society—and help save the planet.


What does the future of sustainable fashion look like?

Going shopping and looking sharp is a guilty pleasure for us all. But most of us don’t know where our clothes come from and how eco-friendly their production process is. In this piece, we look into sustainable fashion and the movement’s leaders.

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Is my phone listening to me? What’s true and what’s false about data handling

Targeted ads are a hot topic of discussion, with their accuracy becoming eerie at best—and illegal at worst.


Agencies, consulting firms, and the future of marketing

As consulting companies enter the marketing and communications industry, agencies are forced to evaluate their value proposition to remain relevant in the future.

phone concert

Musicians vs. the modern music industry: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The music industry has not been immune to the flood of digitalization, and that’s largely a good thing. But the tech wave has also created huge obstacles for musicians—especially up-and-coming ones. What are artists doing to fight for their rights?

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Calling for Backup: Why allyship is crucial in the modern workplace

Allyship is everyone’s duty—minority or not. But how can you be a good ally and what impact does it make?


Ethics in the era of big data

Big data is the new oil of the digital economy. Lucrative and fast-growing. it can also be reused, shared, and exploited. This begs the question: how do we approach the ethics of big data?

new york

From market research in Madrid to ESOMAR in Manhattan

HST alum Ana María Aldana completed the Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior. It took her to a global conference in the Big Apple. Find out how.

lee hologram

Watch HST’s dean talk EdTech in London—via hologram

Lee Newman, Dean of HST, recently made his virtual debut in the form of a hologram at a TEDx event in London, where he discussed the future of EdTech. Here’s what he has to say about it.

Nalisha Men-Editor Profile Shot (1)

Meet the editor: Nalisha Men, Tech + Digital

Meet Nalisha. Our Tech & Digital area editor studied architecture and international economic development, before making a 180-degree career change. She’s now pursuing a Master in Business Analytics & Big Data at HST.

Black and white Judith

Meet the editor: Judith San Juan, Audiovisual Guru

Meet Judith. With proud roots in the Philippines, she is a digital marketing professional pursuing her Master in Visual & Digital Media at HST. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, playing with her dog, and creating videos of her travels. She proudly serves as Audiovisual Guru at Rewire Mag. 

eddie headshot

Meet the editor: Eddie Carrillo, Talent + Leadership

Meet Eddie. Our Area Editor for Talent & Leadership, he is also a student in the Master in Digital Marketing at HST, and a coordinator for IE’s Out & Allies Club.

Two people looking at a computer

How HR managers are harnessing digital tools to develop talent

Since HR is all about people, there’s no space left for AI, right? Wrong. New advances in AI are helping today’s HR managers find top talent to drive company performance—and unlock their full potential as they do.


How a creative entrepreneur overcame failure by talking about it

Coming to grips with the mechanisms of failure and exposing vulnerability can be beneficial for future successes.


All about the experience: what careers in digital marketing look like today

As the traditional marketing world is disrupted by digital innovation, a new set of skills, outlooks, and opportunities are set to define the next wave of marketing leaders.


How a guerrilla marketing campaign brought Lavapiés’ diversity to life

By stepping away from his laptop and taking part in a guerrilla marketing campaign, HST student Nic Haddad discovers the joy of rolling up his sleeves and bringing a touch more color to Lavapiés.


Lights, camera, action: IE’s unique start-of-the-year tradition

An aging rock star, a fork, and a ghost. Challenged with turning these wacky plot elements into a sci-fi short, one team comes out on top at the Golden Stork Awards.


Looking back at IE’s first student-led TEDx event

Through first-hand accounts from organizers and speakers, discover the passion and hard work that went into the first student-led TEDx event.


5 ways to avoid a social media crisis

Social media represents a huge potential platform for brand awareness. But when it goes wrong, decisive action is needed to put out the fire and ensure your brand reputation escapes untarnished.


Personalizing education: how a business grad reinvented herself as a creative

HST graduate Elyssa Abi Karam tells her incredible journey from her roots in finance and marketing to a new life as a graphic designer.


Dario Z: Market researcher by day, rapper by night

Outside the office, astute business and market research/consumer behavior grad Dario Z is a talented rapper. But he prefers to keep his two lives separate.


What’s AI’s place in business?

AI has and will continue to make great leaps in terms of efficiency and scope. But many professionals fear the integration of this technology will put their jobs at risk. In this article we explore AI’s place in business.

Woman surrounded by bubbles

How to be happy in the digital era: a talk with Tal Ben-Shahar

Is it getting harder to be happy? How can we become happier, more mindful people and team members in our fast-paced and increasingly distracted world?


Beyond coding and robots—busting the myths surrounding computer science

Computer science has come far. The once-niche discipline is now attracting the brightest minds from across the globe. Suddenly it’s one of the most in-demand professional skills that promises a dynamic, fast-paced career. But what exactly is it?