All about the experience: what careers in digital marketing look like today

As the traditional marketing world is disrupted by digital innovation, a new set of skills, outlooks, and opportunities are set to define the next wave of digital marketing leaders.

The digital age is wiping out traditional marketing methods and making way for innovation. Even digital marketing techniques from five years ago are getting pushed to the wayside, proving obsolete in the face of ad-blocking software and ever-shorter consumer attention spans.

Today it’s all about UX, UI, and customer experience

And while they may seem synonymous, each one provides unique results. More and more important for large companies and start-ups alike, the leaders of tomorrow must be able to navigate the ever-changing terrain of digital marketing and beyond, reimagining the experience of customers and service users alike.

The digital world doesn’t stop for anyone, and it creates a need for innovative ways to bridge the gap between customers and companies. A byproduct of this demand is an ever-growing list of unique careers. From UI Interaction Designers or UX Writer to Visual/Augmented Reality Designers, a slew of experimental job titles are quickly moving up companies’ lists of must-have positions.

Fresh ideas and technical expertise are vital for success, and employment opportunities are in store for those with a creative eye and a passion for marketing. Demonstrable copywriting skills and knowledge of SEO, along with experience of digital content creation and CMS, will give individuals a clear advantage.

Results, results, results

However, not all of these job roles are based around creativity and design. Customer interface and digital content must be both innovative and effective. Understanding markets and target demographics is key to optimizing conversion rates and ensuring successful marketing strategy.

Employers want to see results; the more they invest in creation and design, the more they will invest in analysis, research, and management.

This means a whole different list of job titles is being created with a demand for a whole different set of skills: UI/UX/CX Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, and Omnichannel Strategist, to name a few.

Companies need experts who can explain and optimize their digital marketing activities and break down large amounts of information to reveal the results and improve. Future game-changers will need a vast repertoire of knowledge, including E-Commerce, social media analysis tools, and SEO.

Every pack needs an alpha

Another possible direction for up-and-coming digital marketers is management. These roles require a slightly different skill set.

From Marketing Communications Managers to Directors of Community Insights, employers are looking for agile leaders with exceptional communication abilities. This can be a rewarding option for those who enjoy bringing people together through team building.

As digital marketing continues to evolve and improve the experience of users around the globe, an exciting playing field for new career opportunities is surfacing.

It is predicted that 150,000 digital marketing jobs will be created by 2020, guaranteeing an abundance of opportunities for recent graduates.

And in a study conducted by the Digital Marketing Job Report in 2018, the findings reveal a 43% increase in SEO jobs and a 33% increase in content marketing jobs from 2017.

It’s clear that different doesn’t mean bad. As the field of digital marketing evolves into a totally new beast, centered on data-driven human experience, new positions emerge with exciting opportunities for the game-changers of tomorrow.