Data & Tech

TechIE 2020 goes digital

5 min

Cybersecurity student and Rewire contributor Rob Maxey writes about this year’s annual TechIE conference, which took place virtually.

Dating apps’ darkest secret: their algorithm

4 min

Dating apps have exploded in popularity in recent years. But few of us question how they decide which profiles to show us. Learn how the algorithm works—and how it doesn’t.

Heart in the age of automation: AI and ethics

6 min

What does it mean to be “good”? If you think back to when you were a child, chances are this was made clear in school or by your parents. It was probably simple: turning in your homework, playing nice with friends, sharing with your siblings… Most humans can agree on the basic tenets of morality […]

Beyond bitcoin: What all can we use blockchain for?

5 min

Blockchain has quickly become the talk of the town—and understandably, that talk typically revolves around bitcoin and other popular types of cryptocurrency. But we can actually use blockchain to solve problems across loads of industries, far beyond finance.

How to use tech to disconnect

3 min

24-hour access to information around the globe at the touch of a finger is pure power. But power can be dangerous.

#SendNudes, save the world

4 min

Social media has enabled people to quickly grow large audiences when in need or for their benefit. Think: social-media-fueled GoFundMe campaigns as lifeline health insurance in the US or musicians being discovered on YouTube. But the implications of online society are more than financial—has social media challenged us to expand our innate points of view? Can technology make us more empathetic and open-minded?