HST teams up with Microsoft Learn to take tech education to the next level

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HST has finalized a collaboration with Microsoft Learn, equipping educators and students with invaluable tools for their careers in tech.

At HST, our number one goal is to prepare our students for the new world of work. We want our graduates to stand out to recruiters—and stay in demand long term. That’s why here at IE School of Human Sciences & Technology, we are consistently teaming up with the world’s leading tech companies to bring students the experiences and certifications that will leave their future careers invincible.

Following the success of our collaboration with Amazon through AWS Academy, we’ve now joined forces with world-renowned tech giant Microsoft. With this unique collaboration, we’ve become one of the first institutions in Spain to join the pioneering program Microsoft Learn, further enriching our dynamic tech ecosystem.

What is Microsoft Learn?

Microsoft Learn is a source of tech empowerment. The innovative educational program sets tech-forward institutions apart by providing state-of-the-art Microsoft facilities for tech learning. Its purpose is three-fold: to upskill students, to activate educators, and to enable educational institutions.

We know that if we want students to be empowered, we must be empowered as a university. Microsoft Learn provides us with resources and training that enhance the classroom experience, while also allowing access to a top-notch study plan for maximum impact.

Who will benefit from Microsoft Learn?

Microsoft Learn is available to students in some of our most cutting-edge data and tech programs, including:

Why does this matter?

We’re excited about this new collaboration for many reasons, but most of all, we’re excited about what it means for you.

Among other benefits, Microsoft Learn will help you develop your skills in Azure and Power Platform. This comes in handy when it comes to getting a number of Microsoft certifications, all of which will unlock elite opportunities for you when entering the job market.

With Microsoft Learn, you will develop industry-recognized skills that will help you carve out a career of tomorrow. Best of all, the initiative’s inherently flexible nature is perfectly compatible with IE University’s cutting-edge Liquid Learning methodology—so you can gain access to career-defining tech education from anywhere in the world. Are you ready?

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