HST students prepare to snag Amazon certifications with AWS Academy

Bachelor’s and master’s students at HST have the outstanding opportunity to prepare for the AWS Certification exam. Find out how we prepare them to ace the test, and how this certificate will help future-proof their careers.

You don’t need us to tell you that the job market is more competitive than ever. To stand out to recruiters and stay in demand in the workforce, you need the credentials to back up your abilities and experience. That’s why IE School of Human Sciences & Technology strives to strike deals with world’s leading tech companies to get students certified in the skills that matter.

To that end, we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with AWS Academy, Amazon’s cloud computing curriculum that “prepares students to pursue industry-recognized certifications and in-demand cloud jobs.”

Through this collaboration, HST students can take cutting-edge AWS courses to prepare for certifications that will boost their career and strengthen their CV. 

Some of the courses offered include:

  • Academy Cloud Foundations
  • Academy Cloud Architecting
  • Academy Cloud Operations
  • Academy Cloud Developing
  • Academy Data Analytics

These courses will get students ready to take one or several AWS Certification exams. Knowledge of AWS is one of the most-demanded skills across all tech positions, so being AWS certified will make all the difference come graduation.

The AWS Academy courses are available for students in the: Bachelor in Data & Business Analytics; Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence; Master in Business Analytics & Big Data; Master in Computer Science & Business Technology; Global Master in Business Analytics & Big Data; and the Executive Master in Digital Transformation & Innovation Leadership.

Learn by doing

So how are these courses taught? Students gain vital knowledge and invaluable experience in cloud computing through enlightening lectures, hands-on labs, group discussions, and individual projects, all based on actual industry scenarios and guided by experienced AWS-accredited educators. 

The courses’ content stays at the cutting edge, and is constantly updated by AWS Academy to reflect new releases, best practices, and the rapid pace of innovation. Practical case studies and real-life simulations allow students to put their skills to the test throughout the course, gaining tangible, real-world expertise they can apply from day one.

For more information about HST’s collaborations with top tech companies, click here.