Meet the team: Jeff Thomson interviewed by Jeff Thomson

Hi, I’m Jeff Thomson.  And this is going to be awkward. Well, awkward for me at least; I hate talking about myself yet here I am, doing just that. So to help facilitate an exchange of information, I thought it would be a great idea to conduct an interview. Of myself. What follows is a brief (and thoroughly overthought, numerously re-written) transcript of our conversation.

Interviewer: Hey Jeff, it’s good to be with you. Let’s just dive right in and have you tell us a little about your background. What are you studying here at IE, and what have you studied previously?

Jeff: It’s great to be here, and thanks for the question. I’m currently studying a Master in Talent Development & Human Resources here at IE, in the School of Human Sciences & Technology.  Previous to this, I studied Psychology as an undergraduate, and actually have two other master’s degrees, one is a master’s of education in Instructional Design, and the other is a master’s in International Management that I did while studying abroad in Switzerland. I also have a few other lesser degrees and certifications, including in mathematics, teaching English as a second language, scuba diving, and first aid.  

Interviewer: Wow, that’s a lot. You’re collecting degrees the way some people collect stamps.  I guess you could say you’re a bit of a career student, or have been up until now.

Jeff: Ha, sounds like something I would say.

Interviewer: So with all these degrees, have you figured out what you actually want to do for a career?

Jeff: I have actually! It took a long time, but that’s what brought me to IE. My management degree showed me that my real interest is working with people, so the HR program is perfect. I want to work on the employee experience and improve the lives of people at work. I think I want to do that as a training and organization development consultant. Basically go to companies and help them solve their workforce challenges in a way that benefits both the company and employees. Which is quite the optimistic career path for an eternal pessimist to take, but it is what it is!

Interviewer: That sounds great. Sounds like it will combine a lot of your previous experience and work in instructional design and needs assessment as well as your current education in talent development.

Jeff: Exactly. And as a consultant I’ll get to solve all sorts of problems and challenges while traveling around the world, seeing different places and cultures. That’s a huge passion of mine.

Interviewer: Is that why you chose to study at IE?

Jeff: Right again! It’s like you can read my mind. I had a fantastic time studying in Switzerland, so I wanted to return to Europe—hopefully permanently. I’ve been to Madrid before, but I was eager to explore Spain, drink sangria, and party all night. But, then, you know, the plague and all.

Interviewer: Well we can’t end on that downer, so I’ll ask one more question to liven the mood.  What is one completely random fact about yourself that you’d like to share?

Jeff: It’s funny, I’ve been asked things like during the “meet and greet” in my classes—and since we have ten classes just this term, I’ve had to share a lot of random facts. But I don’t think I’ve shared this one yet, so here goes: I’m irrationally afraid to bite into a whole apple.

Interviewer: Wow, that is an interesting fact. Well let’s go ahead and leave it there in the interest of time. Thanks for chatting with me and helping us get to know you a bit better.

Jeff: You’re very welcome! It’s been great, and much less awkward than I was afraid it was going to be. I’m happy to answer any more questions you might have, and if you have any great ideas, or want to collaborate with me, or just want an explanation for why I don’t like to bite into apples, feel free to reach out to me and get in touch! The best way to get a hold of me is through my student email, at See you around!