Meet the team: Luca Fiume, surfer, student, & Data + Tech lead for Rewire Mag

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Luca Fiume is a student in the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data at HST. He’s also a surfer, skier, and lover of all things IT. Learn about his history and how he wound up Data + Tech Editor for Rewire Mag.

Born into a large Italian family, I was raised in the verdant Provençal countryside bordering the Mediterranean sea. When I got older, I studied at an international high school, near Nice. Afterwards, I earned a Bachelor of Science in IT and Management from Loughborough University in the UK. 

Later, during university, I had the opportunity to work at General Electric on industrial digital transformation projects in the oil and gas sector in the North Sea. Throughout my time working in the digital department, I observed the high monetary resources allocated to their industrial cloud-based platform. This would act as the natural environment for the plethora of new industrial digital applications. Meanwhile, I was involved in the web development and project management of these proof-of-concept applications running on the cloud. 

I was lucky enough to take part in the digital transformation that the industry was so hastily trying to make. During this time, I saw the immense possibilities of apps to be developed. I realized just how slow this process was due to the shortage of skilled workers in the field. This was the spark that led me to decide to do the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data at HST—in a very short period of 10 months.

Throughout the 10 months of this program, my objectives will be to get to know the ins and outs of the data architectures found in FAANG companies that are driving their business model through data + tech. I want to be able to apply a range of machine-learning models to different data sets and extract the most relevant knowledge in order to make strategic business decisions.

As such, throughout my time in this master’s degree, I am most excited to take part in the datathons every semester. These 48-hour team competitions will be defining moments shared with my diverse classmates, who I have already been able to meet. I am sure these connections will lead to the discovery of new industries, new ideas, and possibly new business opportunities

The perfect complement to data & tech: the great outdoors

I have an energetic personality, which I typically use to take on personal physical challenges in the great outdoors. For that reason, the high intensity of this master’s is an enticing prospect for me.

My love for sports took me to ski at a competitive level throughout high school and university. In fact, I was so committed to training that I spent my summers skiing on glaciers in the alps. However, when working in Aberdeen, the prospect of skiing on the highlands didn’t entice me so much, so I decided to trade my skis for a surfboard. Now, I am proud to say that I learned to surf in the Northern Sea and ended up sharing surf sessions with seals and dolphins at sunset.


Luca Fiume was born and raised between Northern Italy and Southern France. He has a background in web development and project management and is currently studying the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data at HST. When he’s not working on improving his machine-learning models, he’s probably organizing his next surfing trip. Get in touch with him on LinkedIn.