Meet the team: Matias Dumas, MarComs lead for Rewire Mag

Meet Matias Dumas, Marketing & Communications Lead for Rewire Mag. Here, he tells us a bit about himself and the path that led him to HST and Rewire.

Aside from a diet that consisted mostly of candy and apples, my childhood actually didn’t feel that different from my life after I turned eighteen. As a transatlantic child—in a family of six, moving from France to the UK and the US—I’ve always had to adapt to be able to call a new place “home,” like a chameleon changing colors to fit in. What does that say about me? Well, every couple of months, I change my answer from “lack of character” to “empathetic.” 

I graduated high school in the south of France with this intense desire to enter the European corporate world as a business student. That desire fiddled away. Well, the desire itself didn’t fiddle away but the way in which I wanted to enter that world changed. That process took three years—which, funnily enough, is exactly the amount of time my Bachelor in Management took. I am grateful for those years, though, as they permitted me to live in four different European capitals. If you need a guide to finding an apartment or getting your metro card in either Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, or Paris, I’m your guy. 

For a little over a year, I’ve been working as a staff writer for LeFigaro’s sports section. Along with some freelance copywriting, it’s during these twelve and a half months that I’ve learned so much about the vague and obscure nature of the search engine algorithms that profoundly influence the content we consume. As someone who cares a lot about the images, sounds, and stories I’ve enjoyed over my life, I decided to enroll in the Master in Visual & Digital Media at IE School of Human Sciences & Technology. The program focuses on the creative side of marketing—graphic design, photography, and web design are some of its courses—and I’m looking forward to fine-tuning all these visual and narrative storytelling skills through these next 10 months. 

I would say that what has guided my decisions in life is curiosity. I’m interested in ideas—good ones as much as bad ones, silly ones, ones that make you sit down and think “wait, how does that work?”, ones you can tell your friends at dinner, ones that make you run to your boss so you can share them. Ideation is a beautiful human process and cornering the core aspects of an idea and eliciting what is so important about it is my favorite aspect of writing.