Meet the editor: Eddie Carrillo, Talent + Leadership

Eddie Carrillo is from San Diego, California. His mom is American and his dad is Mexican, and he spent a short time in Mexico as a young child before moving back to California. He got his bachelor’s degree in Economics from U.C. San Diego, where he also ran cross country and track & field competitively for the NCAA teams. He’s now studying the Master in Digital Marketing at HST, and he’s also a coordinator for IE’s Out & Allies Club.

Everyone is talking about technology and innovation. About digitalization. Being future-minded and data-driven. We’re also talking about corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and the value of diversity. I knew I needed to take steps in the same direction that the world was walking, and I wanted to start moving quickly. Last year, I figured out how.

Eddie with dogs

After what I like to call my «quarter-life crisis,» I decided to move to Madrid. The thing is, back home, everything was going well on paper. I had a consulting job in San Diego, and I remember how excited I was to get it. All the hard work had paid off—the economics degree, the athletics, the hours of interview prep. What was the problem? I didn’t like the job I worked so hard to get.

I tried to like it. Gave it months, a year, two years. The experience was great. Learning so much was great. However, I realized it wasn’t the job for me so I decided to drop everything and move to Spain.

But this was the decision that led to discovery; and the one that is allowing me to take steps in the direction I want to go. This decision led to IE School of Human Sciences & Technology

I chose the Master in Digital Marketing because I wanted a degree that allowed me to be both analytical and creative. I wanted to be forward-thinking, to be innovative, to put practical tools into my digital toolbox. And of course, I wanted to meet people that were different than me. 

HST delivered this about ten times over. Our professors are arming us with skills for the digital world. We’ve met the CMO of Coca-Cola Spain. We have an upcoming project in Barcelona with Amazon. And what fascinates me the most: there are 22 nationalities represented in my class of 33.

My motivation for becoming the Talent and Leadership Editor at Rewire Mag stems from the recognition that behind all innovation is the work of real people and real stories from across the globe.

Through the digital revolution, we’ve also experienced a cultural revolution, particularly in the last few years. Social movements, like LGBTQ+ equality, diversity in the workplace, female empowerment, and sustainability have penetrated not only everyday conversation but the values and policies of the corporate world. I’m amazed by the idea that digital channels may have enabled us to more rapidly effect positive change.Eddie in Bilbao

I think of what this means for leadership, for talent, and how those things intertwine with how fast the world is changing. This is what will guide the majority of my work at Rewire Mag.

Because we are HST, there is no shortage of diversity, and much less, a shortage of diversity of thought.

That’s why I’m looking forward to sharing the content that the HST community produce about their own thoughts and ideas related to talent and leadership.

Just one month into the degree, I’m already so excited for what’s to come—the projects, the networking events, the career fairs, the nights out. When the program ends, I’m hoping to get a position in brand management or product management in the music industry or at a tech startup in Silicon Valley.

With that said, I’m super excited to see what happens, but I’m reminding myself to enjoy it all because I know how quickly time will fly.

For now, I’ll keep learning, writing, and exploring. Wanna join me? Reach out at ¡Hasta pronto!


Headshot photographer: Bayan Daou, MVDM Student. IG: @bayandaou