Meet the team: Vaishnavie Srinivasan, Art Director & graphic design pro

Vaishnavie Srinivasan was looking for the perfect course in graphic design—and she found it. Hear from this Master in Visual and Digital Media student about her experience.

Right from my childhood, I have always been drawn to the creative field, whether it’s art or music. All my hobbies revolve around art, which has influenced my overall personality. 

I was 15 when I discovered my love for storytelling. I decided to explore it and I ended up studying my bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications, which opened up a whole world of possibilities. During my graduation, I realized that I had taken a liking to design and I understood that storytelling need not be limited to filmmaking or any one specific medium. 

So, I started doing different internships related to graphic design, developing my interest in that field. I finally decided to take my studies a step further, gaining even more knowledge about graphic design to be better equipped for my career. 

For six months, I was hunting for the “perfect course” in graphic design, and finally, after using all the possible keywords, I found the Master in Visual & Digital Media, which was everything I ever wanted. I am yet to figure out what I want to do with my career, but I am pretty positive that I will figure it out.

Vaishnavie Srinivasan is a student in the Master in Visual & Digital Media at IE School of Human Sciences & Technology. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from New Delhi, India. Before joining the program, she was interning with an infotainment platform as a graphic designer, designing a newspaper and working on social media content for small businesses. She has recently stepped in the world of illustrations. Here’s her Instagram page.