Meet the team: Michelle Michalowski, Data & Tech Editor

2 min

Born and raised in western Germany but with Romanian roots, Michelle Michalowski studied Economics with a major in Statistics at the University of Mannheim before coming to Madrid to study the Master in Big Data & Business Analytics. Apart from being interested in tech and data, she is also a fitness junkie and a travel lover. Connect with her on Linkedin.

When I was 18, I thought I wanted to study something where I could better understand our society and politics, but also something that would challenge me. So I decided to study economics. During my program, I noticed—both through my studies and various internships—that I was particularly interested in data-related topics. Since I wasn’t really happy with my very theoretical studies, I knew I wanted to take a different path for my master’s. After working on the data team of a Philippines-based fintech company, I felt sure I wanted to go for a program that would teach me more about how to code and make use of data in business, but also that would focus on entrepreneurship. Finally, I found the program at HST, which not only fulfilled everything I wished for in a master’s program, but also offered me the chance to study with people from all over the world. 

On a less serious note, I love to do any kind of sports in my free time (I used to work as a fitness class instructor), listen to true-crime podcasts, and take long walks with my little dog Jason. I am always in for a fun night out, but also for long talks about society and politics. 

As for my time at Rewire Mag as the Data and Tech Area Editor, I plan to work with my teammate Luca (who, by the way, is also my classmate in the big data master) to create content on different data and tech topics, with a focus on data enabling growth in emerging economies, data and tech in times of crisis, and tech in today’s workplaces. 

That being said, I really look forward to the next year with lots of tech-related content and an amazing experience at HST.

PS: This summer I founded a startup along with some friends. Our platform aims to help students better assess their chances of being admitted to a program—so if you are currently looking for a master’s program, our website might help you find the perfect fit!