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Meet the editor: Nalisha Men, Tech + Digital


I believe that the role of disruptive technology is to seriously examine the problems present across business and society in order to spark change.  My baptism in technology and innovation happened eight years ago when I was volunteering with an NGO that provides free cleft palate surgery in South China. The mother of a five-year-old […]

Meet the editor: Amanda Bermudez, Marketing + Comms


In August 2019, I made a decision to move past my fears.  I always dreamed of doing my master’s abroad, but I was scared to take such a big step. In August, after having my application form open for over a year, I finally built up the courage to submit it. Soon after, I was […]

Meet the editor: Eddie Carrillo, Talent + Leadership


Everyone is talking about technology and innovation. About digitalization. About being future-minded and data-driven. We’re also talking about corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and the value of diversity. I knew I needed to take steps in the same direction that the world was walking, and I wanted to start moving quickly. Last year, I figured out […]