Talent & Leadership

The creation of the HST Mentorship program

3 mins

Laura McDermott, the founding lead of the HST Mentorship program, describes how an idea that surged while studying the Master in Customer Experience and Innovation became a program that now helps students grow through mentorship. 

leader meeting
leader meeting

Agile leadership in times of crisis

5 min

Now more than ever, agile leadership emerges as an essential quality in companies, organizations, and governments. But how does one become agile?

rob knook interview
rob knook interview

Alumni spotlight: Rob Knook, civil engineer turned visual engineer

5 min

We spoke with Rob Knook, IE alum and visual engineer. He transitioned from building physical bridges to building figurative ones—connecting customers with solutions through storytelling. He believes that “bridges connect people, but communication moves people.”

How to use tech to disconnect

3 min

24-hour access to information around the globe at the touch of a finger is pure power. But power can be dangerous.

#SendNudes, save the world

4 min

Social media has enabled people to quickly grow large audiences when in need or for their benefit. Think: social-media-fueled GoFundMe campaigns as lifeline health insurance in the US or musicians being discovered on YouTube. But the implications of online society are more than financial—has social media challenged us to expand our innate points of view? Can technology make us more empathetic and open-minded?