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Meet the editor: Nalisha Men, Tech + Digital


I believe that the role of disruptive technology is to seriously examine the problems present across business and society in order to spark change.  My baptism in technology and innovation happened eight years ago when I was volunteering with an NGO that provides free cleft palate surgery in South China. The mother of a five-year-old […]

Black and white Judith
Black and white Judith

Meet the editor: Judith San Juan, Audiovisual Guru


I loved being in the water as a kid. I would spend hours just splashing around in the pool; something that eventually led to years of competitive swimming. I learned things in the water that I would never have learned in the classroom. When it comes down to it, I believe these lessons are what […]

What’s AI’s place in business?

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AI has and will continue to make great leaps in terms of efficiency and scope. But many professionals fear the integration of this technology will put their jobs at risk. In this article we explore AI’s place in businesses and how we as humans can expect to work and live alongside this groundbreaking development.