Marketing & Comms

Millennials, internships and the creative industries

3 mins

Millennials graduating in 2020 are now faced with securing well-paid jobs amidst the pandemic. However, there are more opportunities than ever to enter the creative field if they put their minds to it.

rob knook interview
rob knook interview

Alumni spotlight: Rob Knook, civil engineer turned visual engineer

5 min

We spoke with Rob Knook, IE alum and visual engineer. He transitioned from building physical bridges to building figurative ones—connecting customers with solutions through storytelling. He believes that “bridges connect people, but communication moves people.”

Art as an agent of change

5 min

At a recent panel discussion on IE’s campus in Madrid, three art experts discussed how art can change society—and help save the planet.

What does the future of sustainable fashion look like?

6 min

Going shopping and looking sharp is a guilty pleasure for us all. But most of us don’t know where our clothes come from and how eco-friendly their production process is. In this piece, we look into sustainable fashion and the movement’s leaders.