Marketing & Comms

Art as an agent of change

5 min

At a recent panel discussion on IE’s campus in Madrid, three art experts discussed how art can change society—and help save the planet.

What does the future of sustainable fashion look like?

6 min

Going shopping and looking sharp is a guilty pleasure for us all. But most of us don’t know where our clothes come from and how eco-friendly their production process is. In this piece, we look into sustainable fashion and the movement’s leaders.

Black and white Judith
Black and white Judith

Meet the editor: Judith San Juan, Audiovisual Guru

3 min

Meet Judith. With proud roots in the Philippines, she is a digital marketing professional pursuing her Master in Visual & Digital Media at HST. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, playing with her dog, and creating videos of her travels. She proudly serves as Audiovisual Guru at Rewire Mag. 

5 ways to avoid a social media crisis

6 min

Social media represents a huge potential platform for brand awareness. But when it goes wrong, decisive action is needed to put out the fire and ensure your brand reputation escapes untarnished.