Marketing & Comms

Meet the editor: Amanda Bermudez, Marketing + Comms


In August 2019, I made a decision to move past my fears.  I always dreamed of doing my master’s abroad, but I was scared to take such a big step. In August, after having my application form open for over a year, I finally built up the courage to submit it. Soon after, I was […]

Black and white Judith
Black and white Judith

Meet the editor: Judith San Juan, Audiovisual Guru


I loved being in the water as a kid. I would spend hours just splashing around in the pool; something that eventually led to years of competitive swimming. I learned things in the water that I would never have learned in the classroom. When it comes down to it, I believe these lessons are what […]

5 ways to avoid a social media crisis

6 min

Social media represents a huge potential platform for brand awareness. But when it goes wrong, decisive action is needed to put out the fire and ensure your brand reputation escapes untarnished.

Dario Z: Market researcher by day, artist by night

3 min

Outside the office, astute business and market research/consumer behavior grad Dario Z is a talented rapper. But he prefers to keep his two lives separate. For Dario, business and art are entirely different worlds.